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Your brand story is much bigger than a tagline. 

Brand stories are rooted in truth. The truth is in your brand name, the product and/or service you deliver, and the way you’ve designed your brand to perform in the lives of consumers. 

Your brand story may reflect the entire depth and breadth of your brand’s offering or bring to life key aspects of your brand.  Brand stories help people get to know the brand, interact with it and bond with it in a meaningful way.

The key to grounding your brand story begins with a comprehensive Brand DNA.  The second step in our Brand Building Process defines your brand’s DNA by establishing your brand’s purpose, values & beliefs, points of parity, points of difference, brand personality and brand promise. Great brand DNA’s ladder up to a highly unique and defensible brand promise that drives the consistent direction and end point for all of your story telling. 

Strong brand stories ignite, engage, and make people a part of the story.  These powerful stories allow consumers to connect with your brand beyond the functional level.  This drives loyalty and develops a network of authentic ambassadors to carry your brand forward through the holy grail of marketing – word of mouth.  

The magic and wonder of great storytelling is that people can then take it to wherever or whatever channel they want. Your story becomes an integral piece of your brand that works to strengthen your roots.  It is important to acknowledge that once you’ve launched your brand story, it becomes the people’s brand story. Meaning, although you can guide consumers to a brand story it’s ultimately the consumers’ role to build their own perspective of that story. 

Great stories tap into the emotional relationship that we have with each other every day. We learn and grow through metaphors – and stories are all about metaphors. So, when you can relate on an emotional level, beyond the foundational function and usage of your brand, you create an always present, living brand entity that impacts people’s lives.

Ultimately, your brand story helps you and the people who adopt you, grow and become better together. Your brand story matters because it sets you apart and brings truth to what you do.