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elevating the iconic nacho squad influencer program .

Ricos Nacho Squad influencer program has become an iconic cheesy community across Texas for Ricos Products. Originating in 2020, the Nacho Squad has strengthened Ricos influencer marketing partnerships and created authentic brand representation to Ricos target audiences of foodies, millennials, mommies, and more.


Following an iconic year of the Nacho Squad, Ricos wanted to elevate their partnership programs with influencers, create new relationships within their online community, and reach new audiences. Ricos looked to previous years to optimize strategy and create a cohesive, year-long partnership program in connection to their #MakeitRicos campaign.


Consisting of 2 Phases, the 2022 Nacho Squad campaign strategy leveraged influencer strengths and relationships from previous partnerships to reinforce Ricos as the Originators of the Concession Stand Nachos. Lifestyle and foodie influencers spoke to nostalgia in connection to the #MakeitRicos campaign through engaging unboxing and recipe content to further Ricos brand awareness and Nacho Squad community reach across Texas.

Phase 1: Brand Awareness

March 2022 – April 2022

Phase 1 influencers spoke to the #MakeitRicos campaign through nacho-inspired nostalgia and showed off Nacho Squad swag through organic unboxing content and stories reminiscent of their first memory with Ricos Products. Leveraging consumer awareness and audience engagement, influencers wrapped up Phase 1 through promotion of an elevated Cheesy Streaming Giveaway opportunity to win a one-year Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ subscription, complete with a Ricos product and swag pack.

Phase 2: Product Promotion

July 2022 – August 2022

Phase 2 influencers created mouthwatering Reels transforming classic recipes featuring Ricos Products, in alignment with the #MakeitRicos campaign. In support of the Reel, they also created story takeover content to give Ricos audience behind-the-scenes insights into their recipes. To continue promoting Ricos brand awareness, influencers wrapped up Phase 2 through promotion of a Nacho Average Weekend Giveaway opportunity to win an all-expense paid weekend to a Houston Astros game.


Working with new Nacho Squad members and vets alike, gave Ricos the opportunity to reach new audiences while reintroducing the idea of Ricos Nachos to repeat consumers to reinforce the #MakeitRicos campaign. Influencer efforts yielded a 17% engagement rate – significantly higher than industry standard – and a groundbreaking 204% ROI –  in terms of an Estimated Media Value at .12 cents an impression.