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rebranding the alamo.

Alamo Beer Company Brewery is only a short walk from The Alamo in East Downtown San Antonio, Texas.  While the Beer Garden and Beer Hall opened to the public in 2015, production of Alamo beer began in 2003 marking the first time a beer named “Alamo” was brewed by a local San Antonio brewery since 1884.


In the craft beer world, storytelling is key. Craft drinkers are drawn to styles, distilling process, and the lure of trying something new. Alamo Beer Company needed a story to disrupt the market and establish a presence as the beer of San Antonio.


ArchPoint Creative started by working on the question, “Who are you?” Beginning with a re-positioning of the brand, the team focused the brand’s target audience, while keeping in mind ALAMO’s humble beginnings. Inspired by the legends of the Alamo and association with the Alamo City, ArchPoint introduced a bold, new package and storyline. With innovation in mind, the team created a new go- to market strategy that focused on sales growth by offering consumers a 12 oz can. This allowed consumers more flexibility where they can share and enjoy their ALAMO beer.


The new packaging along with the 12oz. can was well received by brand loyalists and new brand enthusiasts.

The packaging campaign launch on social media organically generated over 1.5M impressions, 1K new followers, 8,502 engagements and over 2.2k website visits.