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You’ve successfully launched your product, service, or company. You put in time, dedication, and passion to develop a quality brand. Now, you need a strategic brand strategy to match. There are many elements in marketing to promote your brand, but brand management is a crucial component. Brand management helps create, maintain and elevate the value of your product and/or service to deliver your brand message to your consumers. Effective brand management produces brand equity while simultaneously building consumer loyalty through positive brand awareness. 

So you might be asking yourself, ‘what does successful brand management look like?’ 

Brands have the power to influence consumer engagement and build good rapport amongst your target audience. However, a brand needs to be properly managed to achieve this. A brand manager – or Brand Leaderas we say at ArchPoint Creative – is responsible for managing the daily properties of a brand and building the perceived value of the brand over time to grow brand equity. 

To effectively manage a brand, a brand leader needs to understand your industry in order to recommend strategies that will promote brand growth. This means staying on top of the current marketing trends, analyzing how your brand is being seen in the market, keeping the scope of work within your budget, maintaining a timeline for projects, and adhering to your business model and goals. In short, brand leaders wear many hats because building a compelling brand image and maintaining it for a company takes time, dedication, and passion. 

Although there are a lot of daily tasks to consider when managing a brand, a brand leader never loses sight of the big picture. This means listening to a brand’s internal team, communicating the vision for your brand to the internal agency team, and meeting your goals whilst recommending strategies to help you reach them. 

Brand management within an agency means working for you and with you. This is the foundation of delivering meaningful work to clients. In a report by Up to the Light in 2022, it was found that “87% of clients with a weaker or more vulnerable relationship with their agency cited client service issues as the main reason.” Good brand leaders understand that a good client relationship is critical to producing good work. 

It takes time to establish a brand and if you’re just starting, it’s crucial to have a good team on your side that is just as passionate about your brand as you are. When your brand is established, ArchPoint Creative will work to maintain and elevate your brand image through consistent innovation and creativity. 

Brand management has a lot of moving parts, and there’s a reason we at ArchPoint Creative call our brand managers, brand leaders. We don’t just manage brands; we lead them in the direction you envision them to be, together.