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So you’ve done the research and found an agency that’s the right fit to elevate your brand. Now it’s time for you to meet the team working one on one with you. This is where you typically meet your account executive, but at ArchPoint Creative, we’re raising the bar and bringing you a brand leader.

Usually, in an agency setting, an account executive is the liaison between the agency and client. They discuss the client’s needs, develop budgets and timelines for projects, manage agency’s work, and perform the basic needs for your brand. We’re not saying we’re any different in that sense – because we still love a good workplan- we just take it an extra step.

At ArchPoint Creative a brand leader understands what’s at stake for the brand’s reputation, sales, and overall vision. Our unique approach to partnership places your Brand Leader in an ownable position within our team. This means your brand leader owns the brand as if a member of your team was sitting in on every internal meeting. Our Brand Leaders are committed to finding new opportunities for your brand while managing and maintaining marketing tactics.

Your Brand Leader works with our team throughout our Brand Building Process to determine the best plan to position your brand based off of your business goals. A brand leader doesn’t just check off the list, we make sure the list makes sense for your budget, vision, and future opportunities. 

 As a team, your brand leader will work cohesively with our creative and digital department to discover and develop new ways to bring the latest trends to life for your brand. This means they have a say in everything you publish for your brand. Whether it’s a social media post or a sales sheet, everything must speak the same message- your brand message. Having one person to ensure that there’s cohesive messaging on every platform, will only push your brand to success. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates job growth for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers of 10% through 2026. This proves how effective the work becomes for this role and space. Brands are looking for growth in their messaging and engagement to conquer the white space consumers see every day. 

Your brand deserves to prosper with a team dedicated to making every conversation an opportunity for growth and elevation. Working with an ArchPoint Brand Leader ensures that happens to make each day part furthering your brand’s mission.